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This page gives more information on the kind of therapy I offer and about myself.

What I offer

People come to therapy under differing circumstances. It may be that you are feeling emotionally distressed and perhaps overwhelmed, there could be pain. I see my role as being alongside you in your difficulties, providing support and healing. As therapy progresses there may be an increasing focus on change and growth.  Everyone’s journey through therapy is different.

A really important aspect of therapy is the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist. It enables us to work together and to talk openly. Also many people who come to therapy have suffered from poor relationships in the past and/or the present, and a reliable and supportive approach can be very beneficial.

I believe that people change and grow for themselves, but that the support of another person can be very helpful and may even be transformative in facilitating that. I will support you without making decisions for you; you are your own best expert and with the right help are best placed to find your own way forward. That is the basis of the therapy I offer, which I have seen work repeatedly.

How it works

It is your choice as to what you bring to therapy, I will provide a safe space and listen without judging. It can be really helpful to be properly listened to and to express those things that are of concern. Also talking about yourself is a first step to increasing understanding and self-awareness. We will engage in a dialogue, sometimes I will make observations and may suggest alternative perspectives.

Each client’s needs are personal and unique, and it is important that we understand and explore them. It can be helpful to look beyond the obvious and confirm what it is you want. It can be important to consider what has happened in your past, and particularly in childhood, as this may explain why things are as they are now.

We can work together to untangle your thoughts and feelings, we may focus on identifying what those feeling are and understanding them. We can then work to release those which are unhelpful, and help you find new ways of reacting. I will assist you in an affirming and encouraging way, and will offer guidance as may be appropriate.

If this is of interest then why not phone or email me to discuss this further?

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Types of therapy

My approach (called Integrative) is to use different types of therapy as is most suited to each individual client and their unique needs. As appropriate I draw on a Psychodynamic approach which considers how our past influences us today, Transactional Analysis which considers how different aspects work within us, Attachment Theory which explains how we relate to each other and Gestalt which focuses on awareness of feelings and thoughts in the here and now. I also draw on more recent developments in the field of trauma.  I will as appropriate draw from other sources as well where this is helpful.

Who are my clients?

The answer is people like you and me! I enjoy offering therapy to a variety of clients, of different ages, genders, sexuality, backgrounds, ethnicity and beliefs. Although many of my clients come from south Birmingham and Solihull others come from further afield, sometimes people prefer to be away from their own communities.

Training and Experience

My initial training was a Level 4 course in counselling skills and a Master’s degree in Integrative Psychotherapy (a total of five years). I consider ongoing professional development important; I typically attend about 8 days training a year, as well as on-line training and reading.

My experience includes working with trauma, neglect and abuse from childhood, and present-day matters such as relationships with others, workplace challenges, not feeling good about yourself, depression, anxiety, stress and other life issues. I also have experience of addictions and eating difficulties.

Why I became a Psychotherapist and Counsellor

I decided to become a therapist after previously working in business; working with people always interested me. Also I had undertaken a voluntary role listening to people which I found fulfilling. Initially I decided to do a one year Level 4 course in counselling skills, at the end of which I wanted to go further, so enrolled on a four year course which led to a Master’s degree in Psychotherapy. I feel it was the right decision, I enjoy the work and find it rewarding. I also feel that my earlier career has given me life skills which are helpful as a therapist.

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